You get a total of 9 height settings ranging between 1.25 to 3.5 inches. Changing the height on this Husqvarna mower is easy and accomplished with the help of a slider. Lawn-Boy 10630 Troy-Bilt TB320 A lawn mower with variable speed is beneficial because you may wish to slow down or speed up based on the area you are mowing, for example going slower when making tight turns around a tree. This Lawn Boy 10606 20 inch lawn mower is certainly worth checking out if you need a tough and dependable walk behind lawnmower, with a good selection of features at a reasonable price. 1993lx172 said: You measure your cutting height by measuring the distance from the cutting edge to the ground when the blade is in the lowest point in its path, usually when the blade is at a 90 degree angle in relation to the rear axle. In spring, leave your mower blades at the lower setting for the first couple of mowings, then return the blades to the higher setting … The general rule of thumb for mowing is never to remove more than one-third of total grass blade length at a single cutting. Remove the dipstick (Figure 8). RH M-21 C-21 CM-21 EM-21 Series $49.99 AWD Lawn-Boy Mower (10739/17739) Lawn-Boy's all wheel drive lawn mower makes mowing slopes and hills easy. Height of Cut Adjustment 2-Point Wheel Height 7" (17.75 cm) Front / 11" (28 cm) Rear Weight 62 lbs (28 kg) Disclaimer *See your dealer or for warranty details. The Lawn Boy mowers brand is owned by the famous Toro company which gives me a fair bit of confidence in Lawn Boy mowers. For the last mowing or two of fall, simply lower your blades one notch, or set the blades at the lowest mowing height recommended for your grass type. All 4 wheels are engaged and giving you … The average lawn is usually cut to a height of 2 inches during the mowing season. My favorate is: "My mower is set on number three". If your Lawn-Boy mower has a Briggs & Stratton engine, the clearance needs to be set according to the air gap Briggs & Stratton recommends. same height. For this reason you may need to adjust the height of your push mower from time to time. Products depicted on this site are for demonstration purposes only. Common settings … For instance, mowing height for Empire zoysia is 0.75 to 3 inches, while Zenith zoysia thrives when cut to 1.5 inches, and even those ideal heights vary by region. Adjust the cutting height as desired. On the F series engines there is no throttle rpm adjustment, there is a small set screw on the side of the body called an atmosphere adjustment screw. Once set, you can alter it between runs by stalling the motor and changing the height… According to the manual to adjust turn all the way in then open a half turn start it up and let it run till it's warm, if not running right turn another half turn and wait five minutes. Height Adjustment. Make Offer - Used Lawn Boy Mower Height Adjuster Set Handle Bracket 683933 683931 Lawn Boy 684406 Height Adjuster Arm Assy. Set all 4 wheels to the 2. I.E. However, nature and life can get in the way and your lawn may get a little taller between cuttings.

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