Remove the mouthpiece and slide assembly. To check your 4 th position, play a D in 1 st position and then make it sound the same in 4 th ... Bass trombone slide positions. Your first note will be F, and you will not need positions 5 and 6 until Level B.If you prefer to start on the lower note, Bb, you can go to Trombone – Bass Clef – Low. Sometimes I pop in an E flat Tuba mouthpiece. This means it can replace B natural or 7th position can be played T2 (trigger second position). There are tones on the trombone where you have to adjust with the slide to play them in tune. More on this in a future post. The range of the E ♭ bass trombone is A 1 to B ♭ 4, that of the F bass trombone is B 1 to C 5 and that of the G bass trombone is D ♭ 2, or A 1 or A ♭ 1 with a D or C valve attachment (the C attachment being used expressly for playing parts written for the contrabass trombone), to D 5. Try playing G, B and D on 4th position without moving the slide it on your trombone. POSITION CHART TROMBONE Instrument Care Reminders Before putting your instrument back in its case after playing, do the following: Use the water key to empty water from the instrument. Trombone Slide Positions. So, you could play low C T1 (trigger first position). It also helps to avoid some of those nasty seventh position notes since you can play them much further up the slide when you hit the trigger. Blow air through it. Can you hear that it is out of tune? I play an old King Bass Trombone with an F and D attachment and I just love playing those low notes that rattle all the way through my bones. This page is for students who struggle to reach 6th position. The positions are the same as a regular trombone, except the F attachment acts in replacement of going to 6th position. Below are links to several pages of trombone playing tips, trombone slide position charts, low brass sheet music, and trombone play-along music clips as well as videos for the new trombone player. Trombone slide positions are fairly easy to find online, but following a quick search I have found lots of them to be fairly confusing with coloured charts, unnecessary pictures or images that normally only show treble or bass clef notes. F Eb D C Bb SO FA MI RE DO 1 3 4 6 1 Trombone Video Lesson 7 SEVEN POSITIONS Trombone Video Lesson 3 1 all the way in 2 a little out 3 hand & bell 4 slide & bell 5 6 7 as far as you can reach- Start studying Trombone Slide Positions Low F to High F. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The charts below give positions for notes for the "straight" tenor trombone in B flat (a trombone with no valves), notes which can be played on the "F attachment" (a trombone with a single valve) and the F/D attachment for bass trombone (a bass trombone with two valves in which a low "D" is the fundamental note in first position). Bass trombones and some tenor trombones have an additional “trigger” or valve. Return the instrument to its case. The use of the trigger will change the slide positions. Tenor trombone Do not take the outer slide off the inner slide piece. A good example is the high G on 2nd position, where you have to adjust the slide to somewhere in between 1st and 2nd position. Use this website on its own, or get even more out of it with the accompanying Practice Book.. Start with this video:

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