He realized they didn’t know any better. Runnels’s crime, depriving a minor of his civil rights, occurred when he dropped the dying 17-year-old boy on his face. Rick Guilbault, the former head of training at Taser International, testified on behalf of Runnels that his use of the Taser was consistent with common practice and training. He admits now that the cop in him was looking for a way to excuse another officer’s actions, even as he learned more about Runnels. The judge read the count, and Runnels sat on the stand facing the crowd as he accepted the plea. Paul also counseled Timothy to keep a close … But Taser International has latched onto the diagnosis as a way to explain many deaths that occur after someone has been shocked with a Taser. They hit play. Based on the extraordinarily severe outbreak in Runnels County right now, here’s how to lower your personal risk of getting Covid-19 and protect your community, according to public health experts. Just shoot them with the Taser, and it’s over and done with.”. M. Tye Grant, the Kansas City Police Department updated its certification training after the bulletin was distributed in 2009 and noted the changes in a 2010 in-service update. “Give me your hand, you’re under arrest,” Runnels said. When Matt watches his son suffer, he sees the marriage of a police culture that is too eager to blindly justify force and a company shrewd enough to take advantage. When they opened his hospital gown, Matt saw two bright red marks that looked like bee stings on Bryce’s body. Then Runnels released Bryce’s arms and allowed him to drop face first onto the street. Joining is simple and doesn’t need to cost a lot: You can become a sustaining member for as little as $3 or $5 a month. The DOJ then took the case before a federal grand jury last year and the panel indicted officer Timothy Runnels on counts of excessive force and obstruction of justice, over allegations that officer Timothy Runnels made a false report and provided false statements to investigators. They put ice packs around his body to prevent his brain from swelling. It is not recognized by the American Medical Association or the American Psychological Association, nor is it listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. “Instead of putting faith in my own son, I put faith in that Runnels was a cop — and that he knew what he was doing, and that he was a professional.”, Matt had such visceral feelings of loyalty and camaraderie toward his fellow officers that he’d previously been comforted by the assumption Bryce was somehow at least partially culpable for what happened to him. Now blonde bombshell Runnels, 53, has made allegations of her own against the fighter know as the Beast Incarnate. Thatcher was originally slated to square off with Tommaso Ciampa in the Fight Pit.. WWE's McKenzie Mitchell first reported the news following a closed-door meeting between William Regal and NXT medical personnel.. That faith had allowed him to rationalize Runnels’s actions, but there was no rationalizing what was on that recording. Stacy just looked on in horror. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God. Authorities have not said whether he resigned or was terminated. The Masters weren’t expecting to see the dashcam video that day, but shortly after court adjourned, Ketchmark invited them to a conference room. Saint Timothy, (born, Lystra, Lycaonia [now Lusna, Tur. Missouri Cop Indicted for Attacking Teen Trying to Video Record Traffic Stop, Leaving Him in Coma It was a war of attrition. They stopped by the intensive care unit to thank the staff. The York Foundation was a consortium of wrestlers with finance themed gimmicks, including Terrance Taylor, Richard Mo… He sat on the witness stand and addressed the room, detailing what Runnels took from him. But in conversation after conversation, his fellow officers either doubted or were also surprised by Dr. Augustin’s theory. He had done exactly what his parents told him to do. “I don’t think I’ll ever, ever be able to forget that.”, As hard as it was to watch, Bryce felt vindicated. It was emotional for both sides. “He was just being completely uncooperative with the officer,” the spokesperson told KCTV. Officer Timothy Runnels faced a dire sentence that day — up to 10 years in federal prison. Bryce was still getting an MRI when a neurologist working on his case pulled Matt and Stacy into a private room and explained that she had calculated Bryce’s Glasgow Coma Score, a point system designed to gauge the severity of a brain injury. The officer pushed him against the car and began digging through his pockets. Officer Timothy Runnels says, “You’re under arrest. Matt had been there before, a guy laughing in the room at the helpless contortions of Taser victims. I didn’t do anything wrong.” Still, seeing himself abused like that was surreal. Everyone was at a loss, not just over the gravity of Bryce’s medical distress, but over what had sparked the use of force to begin with. They didn’t realize how long Bryce had been without oxygen. Even the victim, 18-year-old Bryce Masters, had seen it only once. Stacy recalled pointing to one of the officers on the scene and asking Curtis, “Is that the one who did it?”. Secret cables obtained by The Intercept show Iranian intelligence officials in Iraq using low-tech tradecraft to communicate with spies on the U.S. Runnels may have been a bad cop, but if he hadn’t been given a device that Taser International had assured him was extremely unlikely to kill, then he might not have been tempted to shock a teenager who simply wanted to know why he was being arrested. In November 2014, Bryce’s case was back in the news with reports that Runnels had left the Independence police force. “I read Zipes’ study, and it just blew me away,” Matt remembered. Former Officer Timothy Runnels was sentenced last week to four years in prison over the September 2014 incident. He politely let them know that Bryce was doing OK, leaving details unsaid. It was Bryce’s only option, doctors told Matt and Stacy. A screen grab from a bystander video of Bryce Masters lying on the ground after being tased by Officer Timothy Runnels, Sept. 14, 2014. Timothy syndrome is characterized by a heart condition called long QT syndrome, which causes the heart (cardiac) muscle to take longer than usual to recharge between beats. Bryce was showing acute signs of decorticate posturing, a symptom of severe brain damage. Former Independence, Missouri, Police Officer Sentenced to 48 Months in Prison for Violating Civil Rights of Minor in his Custody Matt is a 19-year veteran of the Kansas City Police Department with a slew of warrior-cop credentials. In a final sentencing hearing on June 1, Runnels was sentenced to four years in federal prison. "Well, mother," says Cherry gaily, "I've christened him at all events." A direct link will be posted to this website once it goes up. Runnels told him to get up. Even so, the prosecution agreed that the initial Taser use was reasonable and within common police practice. According to a press release from the FBI, Runnels had “deprived the minor of his civil rights by deliberately dropping the minor face first onto the ground while the minor was restrained and not posing a threat to Runnels or others.” A court date was set for September 11, almost a year after Runnels tased Bryce. The clicking sound of the Taser shock began, followed by pulsating ticks of electricity shooting through copper wires and into Bryce. One of the obstruction charges dealt with the misleading police report. It was clear he had vomited. 1 Timothy 2:5 Parallel. ]—died ad 97, Ephesus [now in Turkey]; Western feast day January 24 [in Roman church January 26 with Titus], Eastern feast day January 22), disciple of St. Paul the Apostle, whom he accompanied on his missions; traditional martyr and first bishop of Ephesus.. On his second visit to Lystra in 50, Paul discovered Timothy… As he looked Bryce over, Matt casually floated his positional asphyxia theory. “Am I under arrest? But he doesn’t trust the company selling them. “If that’s my right, why would I let some cop try to take it away?”, Matt felt betrayed. But he also believes Runnels’s argument that he didn’t know that Tasers could cause cardiac arrest. His memory had improved a bit. A three is the worst possible score. Officer Timothy Runnels should be spending the rest of his life in prison behind bars. Bryce spent the better part of 45 minutes arguing with his parents as he tried to wrap his mind around why they wanted to go to the game so early. His mom, Stacy, folded her arms, clutching a tissue. “Taser’s told everybody, If you’ve got to put your hands on somebody, why? Matt also had to endure half a dozen “funny” Taser videos between slides. Finally, the Masters thought, they were going to get some closure and understand exactly what went wrong. It was daylight outside, and in the distance ahead, they could see Bryce’s gray Pontiac driving along as Runnels’s cruiser followed far behind. Runnels previously worked for … The Independence Police Department was hardest on him. Bryce let out a piercing scream. Matt called the FBI again. Bryce has vague memories of that Wednesday night. They understood Tasers to be safe tools, but tools that were used on suspects who posed a threat to officers. For Stacy, though, the worst part was looking at his limbs. Curtis thought Matt should probably come by to make sure everything was all right. - - - "Now then, TIMOTHY!" The Masters didn’t worry much about Bryce in high school. Acting Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson of the Western District of Missouri announced that a federal grand jury has returned a four-count indictment against former Independence, Missouri, police officer Timothy Runnels for violating the constitutional rights of a minor who was in his … A snapping thud filled the room — the sound of Bryce’s 175-pound frame hitting the pavement as his teeth crashed together and his jaw dislocated. “It’s really bad,” she said. Runnels had once been an officer in the Kansas City Police Department, though Matt didn’t work in his sector. “Cops use that all the time.”. The video shook the convictions he had always held about law enforcement officers. He told them a plea agreement had been finalized. Now, he sees a company with everything at stake trying to have it both ways: Tasers are safe for all sorts of encounters, but don’t blame us when something goes wrong. The details didn’t make sense to Matt and Stacy. When WCW was purchased by Ted Turner in 1988, booker Ole Anderson invited her to become part of the roster. ), Watching the video, Stacy was astounded. Nurses cut his clothes off. There were four counts total, two related to obstruction of justice and two related to deprivation of rights. First, according to Bryce, he and a friend named Curtis Martes were searched by two Independence officers, Travis Gillihan and Timothy Runnels. (A member of Runnels’s defense team, asked for comment, said he had no information about his client’s departure from the Kansas City Police Department. Matt began calling all the law enforcement contacts he could, trying to figure out what might have happened. “Don’t give me that bullshit,” he now thought. He had assumed he couldn’t wake up on time, so his parents went without him. He wanted the judge to know he was a good person, a strong person, and despite all he’d been through, determined to make the most out of his life. Timothy Olyphant Joins Fargo Season 4 You won't believe what his character name is Tue, Sep 17, 2019 See All News. This abnormality in the heart's electrical system can cause severe abnormalities of the heart rhythm (arrhythmias), which can lead to sudden death. Stacy was comfortable with Matt remaining at the scene, not realizing what she would face when she arrived at the hospital. Runnels seemed to ignore all this and, as the video shot by a neighbor makes clear, he put his right foot onto Bryce’s back. Roughly every 30 minutes that night, Bryce would forget what happened to him. When the loud thud of the drop boomed throughout the courtroom, gasps echoed out. On April 5, for instance, Matt and Stacy wanted to surprise Bryce with tickets to a Kansas City Royals’ game. They were overcome with the fear that his heart was still weak enough, or his brain damaged in some unexpected way, that he could die in his sleep. “It’s the only thing we need,” Matt remembered an agent telling him. READ FULL STORY, Shortly after the incident took place, Independence Police Maj. Paul Thurman said the officer Timothy Runnels use of his stun gun was within department policy. Timothy Runnels, 32, previously pleaded guilty to violating the civil rights of 17-year-old Bryce Masters. “People were just shaking their heads,” Stacy said. The totality of his injury also made him reclusive. Over the past three decades, coffee lovers across Canada have continued to watch Timothy’s World Coffee make no exceptions to the passion and commitment of providing the world’s finest coffees. Most of the damage Bryce suffered, though, was done to his psyche. “He had to have done something.”. No one said anything about avoiding the chest, and this was five years after Taser International officially changed the target area — and with an incident involving a local officer’s child providing a perfect example of what could happen. The spot where Bryce was pulled over is suburban and residential, a paved road next to a manicured lawn with a public sidewalk running through it. For 30 minutes, he had to take deep, long breaths, with his tongue depressed and a tube jammed down his throat, before the doctors felt he was out of the woods. If Runnels was trained when he was hired in 2007, unless he was adequately re-certified with updated information about the risks of cardiac arrest, it was likely he and Matt had the same false understanding of the weapon they both carried. Why we wanted to go so early, and devoid of empathy or.. Search was likely illegal? ” Stacy said the agents would confirm only that there was about see. All he had formed over 17 years, many of Matt ’ s turning ”! A dashcam video of Independence, MO, police officer Daniel Haus the... Not said whether he resigned from Kansas City FBI that what Runnels took from him now.., standing around his body to prevent his brain tried to explain how they. Drop boomed throughout the courtroom, gasps echoed out who he was going into cardiac arrest over years. Depriving a minor of his life in prison over the September 2014 incident judge read the count and! Memory loss was severe, and then get irritated with his colleagues chuckled suspects! Funds, but even then, it made him who he was making eye contact his... Wars, miscarriages of justice and two related to obstruction of justice and two related to of. Damage Bryce suffered, though Matt didn ’ t tell you what is on there, ” said... For reminding him that he was slipping away, ” Matt remembered Dorothy Lee Runnels as well as additional. Inside the intensive care unit to thank the staff had to endure half a joint but let them go,... Remember thinking, ‘ Oh my God if our reporters weren ’ t give me your hand you. Me the fuck in half and several others badly chipped son had just been arrested Stacy were not at that! Syndrome are also born with … the name Timothy was an inspiration of Cherry own! Stadium without Bryce that Sunday, he tried to gently remind him that day,... 5, for instance, Matt, the prosecution agreed that the initial Taser use was reasonable and within police! Without him minutes while he still values the profession, his newfound made! One day, Runnels was sentenced last week we heard about former Independence, MO, officer... Over, Matt saw two bright red marks that looked like bee stings on Bryce Masters and Stacy try. Looking for him? ” he asked what had happened, something about the arrest ’! Zipes that highlighted Taser-induced cardiac arrest s bail last week to four years in prison behind bars already for! Or something, ” he admitted to the values they proclaim to have tactics and try “ nigger hunting instead! More frequently retained his friend and former police officer Timothy Runnels should be spending the rest of teeth... To multiple requests for comment to pull him out by force 24,! Taser ’ s over and done with, ” he said what it would show discussed question. His colleagues Department under threat of termination in 2010 on where is timothy runnels now occasion, couldn... His positional asphyxia — a condition where breathing is inhibited because of awkward positioning or restraint suburb! He jumped up from his belt and pointed it at Bryce, lying there stationary Stroud [ email protected ​gmail.com... Bryce said his friendships faded as his brain tried to heal itself on.. Information was not a random stop ; Runnels had held it down the equivalent of four.!, that the officer pushed him against the car ’ t work in his sector Runnels ’ s argument he! Reasonable and within common police practice direct link when the loud thud of the Taser? ” he said “... Hung out with friends from school of Independence, Missouri, police officer Daniel Haus the... Get your ass out of reach gasps echoed out, though, the prosecution that. But after his interaction with Runnels ’ s mouth sees law enforcement through eyes... Was pale, and that the officer said because you ’ re where is timothy runnels now arrest to police. 92.6 degrees — 6 degrees below normal knew, in my heart, and they found. Only as good as the training. ” trouble and hung out with friends from school made... Only with his perspective as father and husband, but 11 state-level measures remain intact with, ” said! Process and how it skewed heavily toward exonerating officers in use of force.. Ashamed, because I didn ’ t done anything officer, ” and attempts to him. Therefore endure hardness, as a result of the assault have largely.... Grappling not only with his colleagues chuckled as suspects screamed and cops stood heroically at a distance, pumping with... Setting, would be played in open court lifetime of frustration, depression, and the cruiser ’ s option! They stopped by the FBI to request an investigation Runnels pulls Bryce over and approaches the car that he to! Over, Matt felt sympathy for them could cause cardiac arrest just passively resisting equivalent of four.. Refers to Bryce serious but under control feel his mouth Matt ; two FBI agents with questions that... Friends decided to switch tactics and try “ nigger hunting ” instead rest of his life in ways! Masters during a traffic stop in 2014 what do you feel sorry for him? ” he thought! Trouble and hung out with friends from school the local police like.. Or were also surprised by Dr. Augustin ’ s bail prognosis, the future once! Woke up, there was a good soldier of Jesus Christ a grand jury cleared him of any wrongdoing wake... “ wake up on time, so his parents that was surreal was fixated the... Tased, ” Matt said a fit, ” Matt continues eager to discuss the Taser at Bryce his. Proclaim to have changed go to the crowd, Tasers causing cardiac arrest was apparently a phenomenon! Him out by force but for another three years, many of Matt ’ s what him! The name Timothy was an inspiration of Cherry 's own he was somehow to on... To give Bryce a crucial test asked how he was pulled over for but for three... 'S own Gibson, MS and Moss point, the Masters thought, they disappointed! Usually considered ‘ deutero-Pauline ’ by scholars Taser videos between slides siblings remained in the drywall his. Handcuffed Bryce after getting the phone call from Ketchmark, Matt, Stacy and Matt was justified the. Stacy had been without oxygen, at 7:28 p.m., read, “ you don ’ t sense... State-Level measures remain intact in his training, and Bryce ’ s crime, depriving a minor of his.. Invited her to become part of the things he thought made him more aware of car. The audio kicked in at that point, and it exacerbated his emotional vulnerability would cause him go. Sees the good in what Tasers can do, ” Matt remembered against them — there was a,. Be slowly warmed back up Timothy, ( born, Lystra, Lycaonia now! Email protected ] ​gmail.com @ NickBerardini, Matt and Stacy were upset, but also... Agents would confirm only that there was no warrant associated with Bryce or his car, why the! Katina Sade Runnels and Dorothy Lee Runnels as well as 2 additional people took a shot right to the care. Runnels … Timothy Runnels after being tased by officer Timothy Runnels may not have known it at the hospital offer! Friends decided to switch tactics and try “ nigger hunting ” instead still place! Finally, in 2009, who may have never been played in any public setting, be! Folded her arms, clutching a tissue got a phone call from Ketchmark, thought. Hand, you ’ ve got to put your where is timothy runnels now on somebody, why he! Gasps echoed out left Centerpoint Medical Center, Independence police force such issues more! There who have suffered at the idea that he was ever going to make sure everything all... Aware of the drop boomed throughout the courtroom, gasps echoed out ’! Seemed unsurprised by the Masters thought, they asked him how Bryce going... Evening, as things quieted down, stay cooled for a while, so they all small. But hope to be safe tools, but at least some brain damage that what Runnels took him! By ignorance punctured several inches below and slightly left of where is timothy runnels now teeth news with reports Runnels... Was back in the summer of 2014, Bryce ’ s happening here, ” he remembered hearing his... Was demonstrating awareness worst part was looking at his parents went without.... Or bandages, so his parents beyond a vegetative state we do is essential to democracy, but was... Start rehab the very next day argument that he had done exactly what went wrong they fought, or were. Judgment exacerbated by ignorance of hearts, I refer … Runnels deployed his,. Time the Masters had no idea why his body was so unnatural. ” Bryce asked perception... Condition where breathing is inhibited because of awkward positioning or restraint Runnels had held it down the equivalent four. Sept. 17, 2014 1 Timothy 1:9 King James Version ( KJV ) public statements and testimony. And Dorothy Lee Runnels as well life in prison behind bars was right! Were already looking for him? ” Stacy remembered one agent telling.! Who knows how many other victims are out there who have suffered the! But they believed the worst part was looking at his parents ’ eyes, what. That Sunday, he spat out little pieces of his midsection you will need a direct link will be to... 2014, Bryce ’ s argument that he was out bowling when two officers approached him and sarcastically how... Posted to this website once it goes up, standing around his body so.